Fashion That’s Good for Milwaukee’s Mental Health

Everyone Wants to Look and Feel Their Best

One in five adults experiences mental health issues at some point in their lives, and 85% of people with a serious mental illness are unemployed.

Water St. Boutique is one of the unique ways Grand Avenue Club provides opportunities for its members to contribute to the community. While you’re shopping, they’re getting the job training they need for re-entering the workforce, all in a safe, comfortable environment.

At Grand Avenue Club people struggling with mental illness are welcomed with support and friendship, 365 days a year. Members work side-by-side with staff to manage the Club’s operations, its programs and the Water St. Boutique. By contributing to their community, members feel needed and valued. They’re able to live more productive and satisfying lives.

In other words, they feel better. And you can feel better for helping them.

Grand Avenue Club’s Mission

Grand Avenue Club helps Milwaukee County adults with mental health disabilities make their lives more productive and satisfying by providing them with job training, educational and housing support, activities and community.

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